First Week of Performance Classes

Our Performance Classes have been so fun! Thank you all for participating and sharing your work with your fellow students. 

Tuesday afternoon with a fantastic group of boys. We heard the music of renowned composers Mozart, Moszkowski, MacDowell, and others:

Later on Tuesday with another group of musical middle and high school boys. They performed music by classical composers Clementi, Chopin, and Benda; along with singer-songwriter “piano man” Billy Joel:

Wednesday’s performance class with my oldest high school students! They played Bach, Beethoven, and Badarzewska:

Friday morning with more wonderful middle and high school girls:

I had the students comment on each others’ performances through the chat feature.

Here is a sample of some of the wonderful comments from my Friday class:

Comments for Riley’s performance:
I love the dynamics in your piece! super cheerful and uplifting! 🙂
The staccatos were very good and clear
nice dynamics!!!
So pretty! I love the story behind it!
such a graceful piece!!!
Really pretty and smooth

Comments for Allyson’s performance:
beautiful, great dynamics
Such a pretty song! Love how smooth it was!
The dynamics were really pretty and it was very smooth
it was very energetic and bouncy

I loved the staccatos! So bouncy!
very nice- amazing staccatos

Comments for Claire’s performance:
I love the strong beginning and the fast speed
beautiful! good speed!
great energy, amazing staccatos
Very smooth and majestic
very beautiful, energetic
I could feel the emotion in that piece!

Comments for Jordan’s performance: (she was only able to play one piece due to a technical issue)
one of the best pieces from you I’ve heard!I loved how fast and smooth it was! The energy was great! Super pretty!
elegant, smooth, amazing overall

I’m looking forward to more performance classes next week!