Original Compositions

Congratulations to the following students who wrote their own compositions this year!

Boden Co: “Dove Garden”

Sheet Music for Dove Garden

I named my composition Dove Garden because a dove represents holiness and peace. It soothes and quiets our troubled thoughts. A dove also represents living calmly and living with purpose. I chose the garden part because a garden symbolizes a safe enclosure and an image of the soul and innocence.

Listen to Dove Garden performed by Boden Co

Lucien Yoong: “Into the Ocean”

Sheet Music for Into the Ocean, a suite of three pieces:

Crab: A Dazed Crab Scurries on the Beach
Octopus: A Mysterious Octopus Floats in the Dark Ocean
Turtles: Baby Turtles Hatch Under the Night Sky

I chose these three animals: the crab, the octopus, and the turtle because they are some of my favorite sea creatures. Firstly, I chose the crab because it is a unique and silly animal. The music of the crab was made to sound like it is scuttling around the beach, moving on all its claws and legs. Secondly, I chose the octopus because it is a mysterious and intelligent animal. The music of the octopus depicts the scene of an octopus floating in the deep ocean. Lastly, I chose the turtle because it is an exceedingly popular animal and its hatching process is very interesting. The turtle piece was created to portray the image of baby turtles hatching at night.

Listen to Octopus
Listen to Turtles
Listen to Crab

Juni Clouse: “Rocky Road”

Sheet Music for Rocky Road

My piece is about a carriage driving up a bumpy steep slope. This long gray road leads to a dark spooky castle at the top of the hill.

Elly Kirkbride: “Spring Rain”

Sheet Music for Spring Rain