Zoom Lesson Instructions

In the event that your student is sick, or if inclement weather makes driving unsafe, or… if there is a worldwide pandemic, a lesson via Zoom (https://zoom.us) will be held in lieu of an in-person lesson.

Here’s how it works:

  • I will schedule our appointments via Zoom and send you an invite link to click at the start of the lesson.
  • You do not need a Zoom account to use it. The first time you use it, Zoom will prompt you to do a quick download.
  • Students will keep their regular lesson day/time.

The ideal Zoom setup would look like this, with the laptop/device on the right side of the piano (where I usually sit), with a view of the student and the piano keys. I will also set up my laptop similarly. 

If you’re using a phone, you can set it up like this:

I’m thrilled we have an alternative to in-person lessons so that all students can continue learning and practicing. 

Zoom Safety

  • Lessons are password-protected (the password is embedded in the link that I provide to you).
  • I have the Waiting Room enabled for all meetings, which requires me to manually approve anyone who wishes to join.

See the Studio Calendar for online lesson days.

I look forward to seeing you online!