Studio Announcements

2020-2021 Lesson Format

Option 1: Hybrid Lessons (Default Option)
This is the default option. The 1st lesson of the month will be in-person and the rest will be online. Masks are required for in-person lessons. There is a possibility that there will be more in-person lessons each month if the situation improves; likewise, we may go completely online again if the situation worsens. Please see below the protocol for in-person lessons. 

Option 2: Online Lessons Only
For families who prefer to stay completely online. You are welcome to switch to hybrid at any time (likewise, hybrid students may also switch to online only at anytime). 

Option 3: Fully In-Person Lessons
This option is only for very young students having difficulty learning online.

Protocol for In-Person Lessons:

  • Masks are required
  • Hand-washing is required before and after each lesson
  • For Southside Studio Students: Parents and siblings may not wait inside the studio, please wait in your car or on the porch
  • If your student is sick, please opt for an online lesson
  • If your student shows symptoms during an in-person lesson, the lesson ends immediately and cannot be made up
  • If Samantha is sick, lessons will be held online 

Piano Karate

Our new incentive program this year is Piano Karate, similar to last year’s Piano Passport. Students in their second year of piano and beyond may participate. I’ll be handing out/ mailing packets at your student’s first lesson.

Fall Lessons begin after Labor Day

  • Tuesday-Friday students begin September 8-11
  • Sunday students begin September 13
  • Monday students begin September 14